Barbie Beekeeper Playset: It’s the Bee’s Knees


Whichever person over at Mattel had the idea of making an apiarist Barbie deserves all the points for creativity. The Barbie Beekeeper Playset is a new edition to the other Barbies in the workforce. This unique occupation will definitely grab the interest of all kinds of kids and the playset can even be used for educational purposes in addition to entertainment and fun.  

Barbie is about to have a 60th birthday later this year. However, as we can see Barbie doesn’t age, and instead, she becomes even more beautiful and trendy, along with becoming evidently more earth-friendly over the years. Barbie has had many different occupations that go with their own playsets and accessories.

Barbie Goes to Work

This doll is part of the Barbie Career sets. All of these Barbie dolls dress in the proper attire associated with the trade in which they work. Plus, they come with fun accessories that make playtime really fun.  Among these career dolls are Barbies such as Barbie Farmer and Vet, Barbie Doctor, and Barbie Dentist. Now you can even have the Beekeeper Barbie Playset. I think it’s probably my favorite just because it’s so unique and clever. Barbies have come a long way from being brides and fashionistas when they were first released around the 60s. Now, Barbie’s involved with really particular careers such as apiaristy.

Want to teach your children about bees and their importance in the environment? This playset can also be an educational tool. It’s important for everybody to understand why bees are actually our friends. Your kids can learn about bees being endangered and why we need them to pollinate flowers. Also, it’s a great way to learn what goes into the process of making honey.

You could partner this toy with an educational children’s book that talks about bees and pollination. Or, just find some YouTube videos that are made for children and offer good information. You could even get them some kind of snack or candy with honey in it to sweeten the lesson. It all adds to the experience of learning about the necessity of bees for the earth. Knowing more about the importance of bees can even make it more fun for your kids to play with the Barbie set and have an enriching experience.

Setting the World A-Buzz

As can be expected from any Barbie, the Beekeeper Barbie wears a fashionable outfit along with some extra protective equipment. That way, she can handle the bees safely. Starting from the shoes upward, she has on some brown boots, blue pants, and a nice white jacket with pictures of bees on it.

The coolest part, I think, is the accessories that this Barbie is wearing. She has white gloves on her hands along with the standard safety gear that all beekeepers are required to wear, the hat and net veil. It’s super cute to see Barbie dressed up properly to get down to business making honey from her bees.

Mattel makes two different versions of the same Barbie for buyers to choose from. They are Barbie Beekeeper as an African-American woman and Barbie Beekeeper as a Caucasian woman. Both come with all of the same accessories.

Barbie Beekeeper Playset

What Else Is In the Barbie Beekeeper Playset Box?

In addition to the accessories worn by Barbie, there are some other accessories to play with. The Barbie Beekeeper Playset set includes a spinning blue beehive. Next to it, there’s also a computer and a couple of bear-shaped honey jars. It also comes with a honeycomb which can slide in and out.

The set also, of course, includes several bees for Barbie to house within the beehive using the sliding drawer. Then the bees could be released from the drawer. Then they pollinate the lovely red and orange flowers that are included, which can actually attach to the bees with the pegs on their bodies.

Kinda Loving the Barbie Career Series

This Barbie in the workforce doll is extremely unique from a lot of the standard Barbie doll sets and I’m in love with it. I think it definitely inspires creativity and will be super fun for all Barbie lovers and children who enjoy playing with dolls. If the child already has some of the other Barbie Career editions, they’ll love having this one added to the collection they currently have. This toy will be perfect for helping your children learn about why the earth needs honey bees and what they do for us, while still having a lot of fun in the process! Just make sure that your kids understand that, even though we need bees and they are friends to us, they might become afraid and give what they perceive as a possible threat a terrible painful sting!

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