Big Mouth Gignormous Dinosaur Sprinkler

It’s hard to believe, but summer is almost here! This means it’s time to go outside and enjoy those fun water activities with your little ones. If you and your family enjoys playing in the sprinkler, you could pull the one out from last year, or you could opt for something that is a little bit more exciting and by exciting, I mean SUPER exciting. Today, I am going to be introducing you to the Big Mouth Gignormous Dinosaur Sprinkler …

What is This Big Dinosaur?

At first, it looks like an inflatable giant dinosaur that you’d put in your yard for giggles. However, it’s actually a sprinkler …a big sprinkler that it over 6 feet tall. For the entire summer, this is going to be a major attention grabber if you have it in your front yard, but there’s nothing wrong with that. I don’t know about you, but as a kid, I would have loved this inflatable T-Rex that shoots water.

Uses the Standard Garden Hose

Yes, it’s giant, but that’s not the coolest part …this is a lawn sprinkler, which makes it even more fun. You don’t need any special parts to get it started – all you have to do is connect your normal garden hose up to the T-Rex and it’ll spray water from its nose.

Easy to Set Up

Setting up this inflatable sprinkler is really easy – you can set it up, take it down and move it anytime you please. For fast deflation, there’s a wide mouth-cap. When it comes time to store it (good luck getting that past your little ones), it packs down fairly small.

Great for Parties

This giant sprinkler is great for all summer parties with children. This includes family reunions, Birthday parties, block parties, and cookouts. You know, all parties need a giant dinosaur that sprays water on everyone, don’t you agree? If you break out with this giant dinosaur, the children will go wild, and I believe most adults will enjoy it as well.

If you’d like to have this sprinkler spray water into a pool, whether you have a tiny kiddie pool or a giant in-ground pool, all you have to do is set the sprinkler next to the pool.


All in all, if you’re looking to enhance your outdoor experience this year, and you have little ones, I’d definitely go for the Big Mouth Gignormous Dinosaur Sprinkler. Trust me, your children are going to thank you for this one. In the end, when the summer fun disappears and winter starts to set in, you can easily take the giant dinosaur down and store it safely for the following summer.

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