Disney Junior Vampirina Rock N’ Jam Touring Van

Has your preschool child become a fan of the cartoon musical Vampirina series?

Then they might go crazy over this new toy from Just Play. It will appear in the shops in the Fall of 2018. You might know of the company Just Play from their Disney Junior Doc McStuffins toys. Or, your child might already have some of the Vampirina toys that have already been launched in this range such as the Just Play Vampirina B&B.

Need a bit of background on the animated series? It revolves around Vampirina “Vee” Hauntley. She has relocated from Transylvania to Pennsylvania to open a B&B. It’s named the Scare B&B for Visiting Ghouls, Ghosts and Vampires. The series has proved extremely popular and has resulted in a huge franchise of related toys.

You might think the concept a little scary for preschoolers. But it isn’t really. All the characters are cute and friendly and they sing catchy songs in each episode.

So let’s talk about the Disney Junior Vampirina Rock N’ Jam Touring Van

This cool looking purple and pink van converts into a stage. That’s so Vampirina can perform songs with her favorite band ‘The Ghoul Girls’. The set comes with two play figures. You’ll get Vampirina Vee Hauntley and her best friend Poppy Peepleson. There are lots of great features that come with this van, which should see any kids who love the Vampirina TV show playing for hours.

We liked the light-up rising platform that Vee stand on and greet the crowd on in true rock star fashion. The Vampirina character is a good likeness and kids will love playing with their favorite pop star. Your kids will also recognize phrases she uses in the animated show which the van plays. There are other nice features including a driver’s seat that doubles up as a sofa, bunk beds, a cute bat and spiral stairs. There is also a little figure of ‘Nosy’ Vampirina’s baby cousin.

Who will love it?

This is a nice playset for kids who like watching the Vampirina cartoon. The price is pretty reasonable for the number of features you get. It will be available fall of 2018, so check out the whole lineup from Just Play. We think that this set has plenty of play value and your kids can sing along and play with this while enjoying watching the animated show.

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