Disney’s Musical Moana of Oceania Figure – Give it to Someone Else’s Kid?


Every now and then, there’s a brand new toy that every little girl MUST have for many great reasons. Disney’s Musical Moana of Oceania is THAT toy.


The popular movie Moana is very inspiring to many people and it has gained a significant fanbase, particularly among little girls of course as Moana is a lovely princess. So many little girls really love the movie Moana and they will definitely be interested in Disney’s new Musical Moana of Oceania Figure that has just been introduced, enticing Moana fans of all sorts.

This isn’t the first Moana doll that Disney has released to commemorate the film, and it has several differences from the previous doll. Keep reading this article so you can determine for yourself whether the new doll is an improvement from the last one before purchasing one of them for your little Moana fan.

The toy is most recommended for children who are 3 years old or older. The toy strongly resembles the movie character. Your child will definitely notice this and it’s a thrilling aspect of the doll for a little girl. She can sing just like the character in the movie Moana. As she does so the lights on her pendant light up brightly.

Similarly to the previously released Moana doll, this toy is super interactive. I think that the biggest difference in the two toys is that the new one appears much more realistic, which will probably be even more noticeable to your child who is a big fan of the movie.


Disney’s Musical Moana of Oceana Figure Physical Description

I had purchased a previous edition of the Disney Moana dolls for my daughter. I think it was probably the most recent one. She and I both were partially disappointed because the way that she was packaged. Her hair was all clamped down which made it crinkly and sort of ruined it.

They must have figured out this error because when we opened up the new one. The hair was not clamped down in that same manner as it had been in the other one. The hair looks just as pretty as it does in the movie. She’s also wearing an ankle bracelet, a new additional detail that your little girl will definitely notice especially if she has a previous Moana doll.

Features of the New Moana of Oceana Figure

The Moana doll can be stood up on her feet with just a little effort. You can position it in several ways, actually. The toy includes a pretty headband hair accessory with which your child can decorate the doll’s hair beautiful. The doll has literally so much hair, and you can really tell how thick it is when the nice hair accessory is put onto her head.

The doll is wearing her two-piece outfit- the same kind of adorable shirt and skirt dress combination from the movie- and it all secures in back of the outfit.

This toy is, of course, a musical toy and so it’s easy to get Moana to sing. You just have to push down the necklace pendant. Then Moana starts singing one of the most popular songs from the Moana movie entitled “How Far I’ll Go.” Little girls, especially ones who love to sing along to their favorite songs, will absolutely love this feature. It’s super exciting for the child when the toy is singing a song that they know to them!

What Do I Like About The Toy?

I think the toy is ultimately an awesome gift for little girls or anybody that really likes the Moana movie. It’s really neat that the character really resembles Moana’s character in the animated movie. The outfit and accessories are really nice and detailed. I appreciate that this toy did not have the same hair issue as the previous one. Moana’s beautiful hair is a significant part of her appearance and the headband is a nice touch. I also like that the doll is able to be positioned to stand up and she’s actually able to move a lot better in general compared to the last one.

Disney's Musical Moana of Oceania Figure

What Do I Dislike About The Toy?

I think most parents will understand this. Really, all I’m asking for is a new Moana doll which sings more of the song than one short sentence. I hope Disney considers doing this because it would be a neat feature but more important it would cut down on the number of headaches and partial songs that get annoyingly stuck in your head.

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