Lego Brick Headz Go Brick Me


Lego is a trusted product that many people know and love. They are constantly creating new, innovative products. There are several different product lines by Lego. The Brick Headz line has been increasing in popularity. That’s why today, I want to give you some info so you know all about the newest product in this line. “Go Brick Me” is the latest kit in the product line. It’s pretty different from some of the other products in this line. Even people who are not particularly fans of the Brick Headz figures will want to hear about this one. It’s a very interesting product for several different reasons.

What’s Lego Brick Headz Go Brick Me?

Go Brick Me by Lego Brick Heads varies significantly from other toys in the Brick Heads line and most other Lego products. Using this set, you don’t put together a particular character from a movie or television. Instead, you are supposed to ultimately put yourself together. Of course, you can construct really any person that you want to.

It doesn’t matter who the subject of the Lego building is or what they look like. It doesn’t matter if they have brown hair, blonde hair, or red hair, or whether they have light skin or dark skin. The new Go Brick Me set includes every piece and part that you will need to create an awesome little mini-figure of yourself.

Lego Brick Heads Go Brick Me is complete with instructions for creating three different models. You could use these instructions and put these sample models together. However, you can also just jump right into building a representation of yourself instead.

How Many Pieces Are Included In The Set?

The total amount of pieces included in the set is 708 parts. The product costs just $29.99. Personally, I think that for the number of pieces and just how cool this toy is, that price is definitely worth the fun and excitement you will get. There are seven different little bags, each of them with a number on it. I gotta tell you, I think that the way Lego packages their pieces is really great. It allows me to stay organized while putting the kit together. When you open up the 1st bag, you’ll find the pieces and parts necessary to build the white mini-figure featured on the package. It has some accessories as well. Every other bag contains the parts you are supposed to use to create a figure of your very own.

How Do You Build The Mini-figures?

If you aren’t familiar with any of the other Brick Headz products that Lego sells, you may want to read the instructions. The set comes with guidelines that help you to get used to making mini-figures before making your own. After creating the blank mini-figure, there should be plenty of parts to begin the next figure. I think that’s pretty nice because there’s so much you can do with the pieces in this kit.

The main physical characteristics of the Brick Headz figurines are the head and the hair. There is a large number of pieces you can use to customize the figure as well. When I made a mini-figure, I decided to go with the hairstyle with a faux hawk. Let me tell you, I was very pleased with the results. Then for my character’s face, I added a cool pair of glasses with round frames. To further customize your mini-figures, there are other accessories including a surfboard, a guitar, a book, a camera, a suitcase, a cup, a microphone, a trophy, and a wand. I really like playing guitar, so I chose the microphone and the guitar for my figurine. I love how it turned out because it’s really cute. The fact that you get to decide the tiny details of your Lego figure is very neat to me. There are lots of Lego mini-figures of characters from movies and the like, but how often do you see a mini-figure of yourself?

So, Whaddya Think?

Ultimately, I think Lego has outdone themselves yet again with this new product. Go Brick Me from the Brick Headz line is such an interesting toy. Because the set comes with so many pieces and parts, the price that it goes for on the market was rather surprising to me. Usually, Lego sets with so much customization and detail carry a hefty price tag. This kit comes with way more than plenty of pieces to easily construct the mini-figure you want to make.



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