Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck Playset: Hot, Hot, Hot!


If you have a tiny fan of the Paw Patrol series, there’s a brand new toy you need to know about. The Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck Playset is hot, hot, HOT!

Marshall’s Got a Brand New Ride

Marshall’s ride has received a major upgrade, making it a super hot toy for all of the fans of Paw Patrol that want to have in their paws. This new toy is the Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck playset.

It’s perfect for little kids who absolutely adore anything relating to Paw Patrol. Even better for those kids who love the Paw Patrol series, AND want to be a firefighter when they grow up. For these adventurous little children, this awesome new toy offers them all kinds of super cool features to play around with involving the Paw Patrol animals and also firefighting!

If you think that this may be a perfect addition to your child’s collection of toys, keep reading. You’ll find out about some more features of the new Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire truck playset that your kid is going to adore.

Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck Playset

What’s Paw Patrol?

WHAT? Are you living under a rock? LOL

If you aren’t already particularly familiar with the Paw Patrol series, all that you really need to understand is that they are super popular with little kids right now. Keith Chapman and Ronnen Harary created this CGI-animated show that kids love. It comes on TV ALL. THE. TIME (which is a mixed blessing for parents!).

Seriously, the series is actually really cute. It grabs the interest of many children, with the plot focusing on a little boy named Ryder. He’s the leader of the rescue and search dog pack known as the Paw Patrol. Together, they keep the local shoreside community in Adventure Bay safe from danger by embarking on missions as a team.

All of the dogs in the pack have their own particular skill based on real-life rescue occupations. Marshall, for instance, is equipped with firefighting abilities. The Paw Patrol live inside of doghouses, which can actually be transformed into these neat customized vehicles as necessary.

Marshall’s Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck Playset

As mentioned, the Paw Patrol dog with the firefighter skills and abilities is Marshall the dalmatian. Therefore, it’s obvious that this fire truck playset is Marshall’s truck. So, he’s the one up in the driver’s seat. However, there is, of course, plenty of space for the entire Paw Patrol to ride along for missions inside – all six of them, just like on television.

Features Of The New Toy

There’s a storage spot for a small mini vehicle on the truck’s side. This miniature vehicle can be removed and then connected to a water hose. That way, fires can be taken care of from ground level, something that the Paw Patrol pups occasionally need to do on their rescue missions.

The fire truck’s top is equipped with a neat projectile system. This is where the pack pups can take a seat up top and fire some missiles as necessary. All that goes into firing the missile is pushing a button (really, it’s super easy to figure out.)

There are lots of working sounds and lights located up top, making the toy interesting on a whole new level. As every parent knows, the only real way for a toy to be truly engaging and fun is for it to include lots of sounds for them to play over, and over, and over. Am I right?

Anyway, on the back of this fire truck, the pups have this neat articulating arm feature. It helps them rescue other animals from trees and buildings.

I personally think that the greatest feature is the ability of the cab to lift up, similar to the way that it does on the TV show which is cool for tiny fans of the series. Your little firefighter can lift the cab up really high to achieve a sky-high rescue. Also, it articulates from side to side, and has a firefighting water projectile feature.

Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck Playset

Should You Get It (for Someone Else’s Kid?)

I think that ultimately, anybody that is looking for the perfect gift for to get for a kid that is super fascinated by Paw Patrol will discover that children are super thrilled by this new toy, making it a great candidate for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, or other surprises. Kids who want to become firefighters will enjoy the plentiful firefighting features in this playset.

Personally, keeping the numerous sound effects in mind, I think this toy is an even more satisfying purchase if you are buying it for somebody else’s kid. Either way, it’s sure to provide hours of entertainment for a child.

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