Rescue Runts – Poop-Free (and Pitiful) Pets!


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My children are big-hearted animal lovers. As such, they’re constantly trying to adopt any abandoned animal that crosses their path. Maybe we’d have less poop to deal with if we’d stuck with Rescue Runts?

You can picture it, right? There’s the cat eating trash in the back of the fast food place. Or the dog wearing a collar running around in the backyard for some reason. They’ve even begged to adopt OTHER people’s pets!

Ultimately they feel very inclined to help these animals out and provide them with a home no matter what. Anybody with kids that love stray animals as much as mine do may want to check out this new toy that is set to come out later this year known as “Rescue Runts.”

What’s A Rescue Runt?

This new toy offers your animal-loving children the chance to take care of some stray animals without your food bill multiplying. These cute little pets are excellent for kids that constantly want more pets to love and take care of. If your children don’t have any real pets yet and you want to teach them how to be responsible enough to take proper care of an animal, Rescue Runts are a great starter “pet” for your child. They’ll get a better feeling of what pet ownership feels like. They’ll love the opportunity to nurse their own cute pet to health after receiving it.

Rescue Runts

When Do Rescue Runts Hit The Market?

Rescue Runts apparently have a release date sometime during summer in 2018. That means the release of the toys is right around the corner. Even though they’re coming out in the summertime, I definitely think it’s safe to say that Rescue Runts are going to be one of the most common Christmas presents around the nation at the end of the year.

So many letters to Santa are going to include Rescue Runts! I really wouldn’t be surprised if it gets really hard to find them around the holiday season. So, if you think your kid would love one as a present from Santa, get it while the getting’s good. Like, stalk them… you’ll be glad when you’re not standing in a line that wraps around the toy store.

Are There Both Pet Puppies And Kitties?

The Rescue Runts are going to include both dogs and cats. They’re supposed to be stray animals. So, when they are first purchased they look all messy and in desperate need of some TLC to become an adorable little puppy or kitty. Your child will have a blast taking care of their favorite kind of house pet and getting the animal to look happy and healthy.

What Does The Rescue Runt Look Like When It Arrives?

When your child first receives their Rescue Runt dog or cat, it’s pretty sorry looking. The fur is supposed to look really matted and icky and infested with pretend fleas all over it. What a time to be alive, huh?

The animal’s paws look very messy and covered in dirt. They have sad watery eyes, and overall look really pitiful. Once your kid first looks at the condition of their new animal, they might wonder what on earth you’ve done. “Um, thanks, Mom???” But they can start helping them out right away!

The toy comes with some toy tweezers to pick out all of the pesky fleas from the coat of the animal. If that’s not a good time, I don’t know what is.

Your child can use some soft cloth and wipe away the animal’s tears and clean up the dirt all over their paws. Giving the little Rescue Runt some love and affection helps them heal at a speedier pace until it becomes a cute, healthy-looking pet.

Rescue Runts

What Happens If You Don’t Keep Up With The Care For A Rescue Runt?

Once the new toy is brushed and receives lots of cuddles and pets, it magically changes into an adorable, beautiful little pet.

But what if your little doesn’t brush the fur and play with their pet for several days? The fur actually gets all messy and matted again. This helps a child learn that animals, especially real ones, have to be taken care of every day. Of course, your kid’s Rescue Runt can be brushed and receive some more TLC and it will go back to looking clean and happy again.

Rescue Runts Are Grateful… Will Your Kiddo Be?

I’m anticipating these new toys as being a really big hit as soon as they are put on the market. Parents are really going to love that they can use this toy to teach their little ones to take proper care of an animal. Kids who love helping stray animals will love getting to nurse their own Rescue Runt back to health and maintain the care of their new pet.

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